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Private Violin & Viola Lessons:

Private violin and viola lessons are offered at Charleston Violin Studio!


     Lessons are offered in the following intervals:

20 minute lessons (for very young students only)

30 minute lessons

45 minute lessons

60 minute lessons



*Students will take one lesson each week on a monthly basis throughout the school year.

The Benefits of Private Lessons:

Private lessons are essential to the development of musical skills.  Lessons help to shape the student's technique as well as providing them  with  valuable ear training.  

When children or adults take private lessons, they receive individual attention that is impossible to find in a large class setting. Lessons enable the student to develop exceptional technical habits.  

Students who study privately advance at an individual pace.  For those who wish to become a serious musician or for those who just play for fun, private lessons play an important role in musical development. 

What to Expect from a Typical Lesson:

Beginning students will learn to play by using the Suzuki violin method. The Suzuki method stresses the importance of ear training. Shinichi Suzuki believed that very young children could learn how to play the violin if they were taught music the same way that they learn how to speak. Children learn how to talk by listening and by experimenting. They speak before they learn how to read. After speech skills have been acquired, then children learn how to read. Likewise, the violin is taught in the same manner.

During this time it is vital to the beginning student's development that they listen to their Suzuki CD on a regular basis. This will help the child to learn how to play and to memorize the songs at a quicker pace. Once the student's technique has been established and they are playing comfortably by ear, then the student will be introduced to note reading.

Intermediate and advanced students will also study violin and viola repertoire from the Suzuki Method Books. In addition to learning music literature, the students will also study scales, arpeggios and thirds. These are essential to the student's development of good intonation. They provide the student with a solid understanding of finger patterns. Intermediate and advanced level students will additionally study exercises that develop their shifting, vibrato, double stop, left hand and bow arm technique.

Group Classes:

Group lessons are offered in addition to private lessons for beginning students. Suzuki Group lessons allow the student to become comfortable with performing in front of an audience at a very young age. The group activities also teach the student how to play with and how to interact with other students.

Group lessons will be thirty minutes in length. Group lessons will occur once or twice a month as set by the instructor.

Chamber Ensemble Classes:

Intermediate and advanced students will be encouraged to take chamber ensemble classes as a supplement to their private lessons. These classes will teach the students how to play an independent melody or harmony line. In this class the students will study duets, trios, quartets and chamber ensemble skills.


All Charleston Violin Studio students will participate in recitals. Students will be given the  opportunity to perform music that they have studied in their lessons. Recitals allow the student to demonstrate their progress. They also provide the student with valuable performance experience. There will be at least one recital per school year.



Parental Involvement:

The Suzuki method stresses the importance of parental involvement in the student's musical development. The parent is included in the beginning and intermediate level student's lessons as an observer and as a participant. The teacher will demonstrate concepts to not only the student, but also to the parent so that the parent may help the student with their practice during the week. This is especially important to the progress of beginning students. The parent plays an integral role in helping the student to establish proper technique and practice routines.

Trial Lessons:

All potential students are encouraged to schedule a trial lesson. The trial lesson provides the student and/or parent with a way to observe how the teacher works with the student. During this time you may discuss any questions that you may have with DeAnndra about the lesson process or regarding the studio policies. The trial lesson requires no further commitment from you.

Advice for Parents of Beginning Students:

Please wait to purchase an instrument until you have met with the instructor first! Your student will not need an instrument during the first month of lessons. During this time DeAnndra will be able to advise you on purchasing an instrument that is appropriate for your student. She will also measure your student so that you will know what size instrument to order.

About the Teacher:

DeAnndra Glenn has been teaching private violin and viola lessons since 2003. Her professional performing experience, her years working with students and her education have taught her how to motivate and excite students about music.

Many of DeAnndra Glenn's private students have been very successful. She has students who have been accepted into the CCSD School of the Arts. Others have earned superior ratings for their solo and group performances at Solo and Ensemble. Several of her students also play with the CCSD Preparatory, Intermezzo and Honors Orchestras as well as with the Youth Orchestra of the Lowcountry. Some of her violin and viola students have gained acceptance into the competitive Lowcountry Region Orchestra and the South Carolina All-State Orchestra.



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